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Here at MYCYradio we are firm believers in building sustainable partnerships and networks with like-minded organisations and professionals across the globe. Below we offer an indicative list of organisations and projects with whom we share common projects, values and perspectives.

Community Media Federations and Networks

Alliance for Community Media (USA): a representative body of over 3,000 Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access organisations and community media centres throughout USA; works to protect the interests of these access centers and those who use PEG facilities and equipment to advance their causes through cable television and the Internet

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication (BNNRC): a national networking body on alternative media working towards building a democratic society based on the principles of free flow of information, equitable & affordable access to Information, Communication Technology (ICT) for remote & marginalized population

Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE): the European umbrella organisation for community media organisations, practitioners and academics, founded to strengthen the participation of the “Third Media Sector” in European discussion and decision-making processes at a moment when freedom of expression and free access to information are increasingly endangered by the consequences of concentration in the media field

World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC): an international non-governmental organisation serving the community radio movement, with almost 4 000 members and associates in 110 countries; aims to support and contribute to the development of community and participatory radio along the principles of solidarity and international cooperation

European Community Media (by country)


ORANGE 94.0: Vienna’s only independent radio featuring with over 460 volunteers,  ORANGE 94.0 also runs different projects which counter any form of racism, sexism and fascism


Aarhus Global Media: an umbrella organisation that represents the common platform for a number of TV and radio stations, including Immigrant TV (ITV), Child and Youth Radio & TV (BUT), Gellerup Radio & TV and Radio Bazar


Radio Corax: a non-commercial Free Radio based in Halle


Community Radio Forum of Ireland (CRAOL): the representative, co-ordinating, lobbying, training, and support group for Irish Community Radio

Dublin Community Television (DCTV): Ireland’s newest TV broadcaster, whose mission is to enhance diversity, empowerment and participation in media and in community development more widely; and aims to serve, empower and promote Dublin communities, their activities and their right to be seen and heard

NEAR Media Co-op:  a not-for-profit community media project based in Coolock, that consists of three different areas: Near fm, Neartv Productions and Near Online


Radiopolis: the citizens’ radio of Seville, broadcasting on 98.4 FM

United Kingdom

Community Media Association (CMA): the UK representative body for the community broadcasting sector, committed to promoting access to the media for people and communities; enabling people to establish and develop community-based communications media for empowerment, cultural expression, information and entertainment

Community Media Solutions: a specialist advice agency and social enterprise providing support for community media development including radio, television, Internet and new media projects

Canstream: the brand name for the online media services from the CMA, specialising in delivering streaming media solutions to the voluntary and community sector, to social enterprises and to not-for-profit organisations

Radio Regen: a not-for-profit organisation based in Manchester that provides specialised training in community radio.

Siren FM: Lincoln’s first community radio station, based at the city’s university and broadcasting since August 2007, that aims to make radio accessible to all and especially those aged between 9 – 25 in the Lincoln area

Community Media Projects

Community Radio Toolkit: A website designed to support interested individuals and organisations to start up and run a successful community radio station. It offers the toolkit online, updates on community radio news, jobs, discussion, features, free resources as well as social networking

Community Media Training

META Europe: a European training course focusing on media competence and new technology, aiming to introduce the issue of media competence in non-formal adult education