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MYCYradio Foundation Charter



1.1. Introduction
1.2. Mission
1.3. Management and Financial Support of MYCYradio
1.4. MYCYradio Guiding Principles
1.5. Governance
1.5.1. CCMC Governing Board
1.5.2. MYCYradio Management Committee
1.5.3. MYCYradio Programme Committee
1.6. MYCYradio Staff
1.6.1. MYCYradio Station Manager
1.6.2. MYCYradio Technical Director
1.7. Broadcasting on MYCYradio
1.7.1. Criteria
1.7.2. Application Procedure
1.7.3. Duties and Responsibilities
1.7.4. Recording and Archiving

Annex 1: Studio Facilities and Equipment

1.1. Location
1.2. Operating Hours
1.3. Photos of Entrance and Building
1.4. Security and Logistics
1.5. Emergency Procedures
1.6. Insurance

Annex 2: General Policies

2.1. Indemnification
2.2. Grievance Policy
2.3. Procedure for Monitoring and Handling of Complaints
2.4. Equipment Safety
2.5. Environmental Policy
2.5.1. Resource Use
2.5.2. Waste Management
2.6. Smoking Policy
2.7. Violence




MYCYradio is established under the auspices of the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC), with support and funding from the European Commission Representation in Cyprus, and is broadcasting via the Internet at Participation in MYCYradio is open to all people on all levels, from design, management and implementation, to the evaluation of the programme.



MYCYradio aims to engage with and serve all communities living in Cyprus, by providing a platform for a diversity of voices to be heard. It aims to highlight cultural and linguistic diversity, encourage social integration thus promote a culture of active citizenship and participatory democracy.



MYCYradio is managed by the Cyprus Community Media Centre, with financial support from the European Commission Representation in Cyprus.



MYCYradio will:

1. Promote the right to communication within and across all groups and communities living in Cyprus, in order to develop a greater understanding of tolerance, peace, reconciliation and democracy;

2. Assist in the free and balanced flow of information drawn from a variety of sources;

3. Ensure fair treatment for all, and oppose all forms of discrimination based on concepts of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, creed and /or religious belief;

4. Address communal, local, and island-wide issues that are underrepresented in the mainstream media, and serve as a platform for broader engagement in these issues;

5. Promote a healthy exchange of opinions which contribute to the democratic process and a pluralist society;

6. Facilitate access and the representative participation of different groups and communities, in particular minority and marginalised groups, in the production of media;

7. Safeguard and preserve local traditions, culture, heritage, while at the same time promote the integration of new cultures that enrich Cyprus within the spirit of diversity;

8. Promote and protect the linguistic diversity of Cyprus, recognising that there are a number of languages that deserve attention and practice in media;

9. Encourage creative expression and the development of new talents, and provide programmes for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of its listeners;

10. Promote the spirit of volunteerism and active citizenship, and facilitate the participation and contribution of volunteers in the running of the station;

11. Uphold and promote the shared values of the European Union.




The CCMC Governing Board has strategic oversight and input for all projects implemented by the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC). All workings of the CCMC Governing Board are stipulated in the CCMC Operations Manual.



The MYCYradio Management Committee has the oversight of all programming aired on The Committee is composed of:

– Three members of the CCMC Governing Board,

– The MCYCradio Station Manager,

– A representative of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus, and

– Two MYCYradio broadcasters, representing the Programme Committee.


The MYCYradio Management Committee commits to:

1. Run the station as not-for-profit, safeguarding its independence;

2. Operate management, programming and employment practices which oppose discrimination, actively promote equal treatment and which are open and accountable to all members, supporters, staff and volunteers;

3. Create an environment and channels of consistent communication with participants and associates regarding all aspects of the operation of the station;

4. Create opportunities for exchange and collaboration with community media broadcasters and practitioners, local, regional and international media, and educational institutions in order to pool together collective resources to achieve the aims and objectives of the station;

5. Provide clean and safe access to the training, production and distribution facilities;

6. Implement visibility and dissemination mechanisms that maximise visibility impact, including the promotion of participating organisations’ and their programmes across social media platforms and the promotional materials;

7. Engage in advocacy work on issues pertaining to legislation on, and the regulation of, community media, with the aim of establishing an enabling environment for the licensing of the radio station in the foreseeable future.

The MYCYradio Management Committee meets once every two months.



The MYCYradio Programme Committee is composed of all the broadcasters participating in MYCYradio. The Committee acts in an advisory capacity for content broadcast on and elects two representatives that participate in the Management Committee.


1.6 MYCYradio STAFF


The Station Manager is responsible for:
• the implementation of all MYCYradio policies;

• preparing reports and updates for the MyCY Radio Committee, of which he/she is a member;

• all administrative procedures related to MYCYradio;

• the financial management of the radio station;

• promotions and visibility of the radio station;

• community outreach; and

• liaising with donors.



The Production Director reports to the Station Manager and is responsible for:
• all technical operations of the radio station;

• keeping all equipment in good standing;

• the broadcast schedule;

• serving as the first contact for all broadcasting staff;

• good communication with all broadcast staff; and

• relevant training for broadcasting staff.




All people living and organisations registered in Cyprus are invited to participate in MYCYradio by broadcasting their own show, provided that they agree with, and adhere to, the MYCYradio Guiding Principles.



Anyone interested in becoming a MYCYradio broadcaster can submit an application form to the MYCYradio Station Manager. Application forms can be downloaded from The Station Manager will consider the application and then forward it to the MYCYradio Management Committee that will discuss and review the application. The MYCYradio Programme Committee is also invited to offer input on all applications.

Once approved, the applicant will be invited to sign a Declaration of Commitment to the Guiding Principles of MYCYradio. The applicant will then be contacted by the Production Director to schedule equipment training and orientation. Following the completion of the training, applicants will be able to record their own show to be broadcast on Final approval of the broadcaster lies with the MYCYradio Management Committee.



The responsibilities of MYCYradio broadcasters include:
• Treating all people, including station staff, interviewees, the audiences, and other broadcasters, with respect and dignity;

• Adhering to the Guiding Principles of MYCYradio;

• Having a good working knowledge of the equipment and layout of the premises;

• Treating the equipment with respect and care;

• Committing to and respect their scheduled production times;

• Committing to promoting positive visibility of the radio station and their own programme;

• Avoiding the use of profane language, and not engaging in slander, libel, and defamation.

All broadcasters are in control of, and have responsibility for, the content broadcast during their show. MYCYradio is solely the distributing platform of this content, and can in no way be held liable for this content. Any broadcaster deemed to be in serious breach of MYCYradio’s Guiding Principles may have their programme removed from the schedule, and be stopped from broadcasting on in the future. All broadcasters are volunteers and can in no way be considered employees of the Cyprus Community Media Centre.



All recording is made following prior communication and arrangement with the Production Director. All broadcasts on are archived and available via a “Listen Again” function on the website. Archives of all broadcasts will remain on the website for a period of one year.




MYCYradio is broadcast from studios of the Cyprus Community Media Centre, located inside the Ledra Palace Hotel Grounds in the United Nations-controlled Buffer Zone in Nicosia. The full contact details are:

Tel: +357 22 662269 and +90 392 22 80654

Fax: +357 22 660931

P.O. Box 24359, Nicosia CY 1703



MYCYradio station staff is available from 10am until 6pm Monday – Friday, except for recognised holidays. All broadcasters are encouraged to record during those times. Special circumstances can be brought to the attention of the Station Manager and arranged on an individual basis.






The main facility is secured and insured according to the requirements as indicated by companies undertaking the insurance of the premises and content (equipment). The keys to the premises are with the Station Manager. Access to the site by broadcasters will be from the main gate, next to Ledra Palace. The gate will be locked when the facility is closed. Parking is available in the Buffer Zone. When required, due to the loading and unloading of equipment, broadcasters will be able to use the driveway entrance, until this has been completed. This can be arranged only through consultation with the Station Manager.

There are three toilets located outside of the main building in freestanding portable buildings. One is for use by men, one for women and the third is accessible by wheelchair users.



Emergency phone numbers are posted on the CCMC main office wall, and a copy is distributed to each broadcaster. Fire extinguishers are located next to every exit of the main CCMC building. Fire extinguishers are checked annually for their proper working condition. A first aid kit is available on site.



CCMC equipment and editing facilities are insured. However all users of equipment and studio facilities are responsible for the equipment under their care. After certification all MYCYradio broadcasters will agree to hold CCMC (including its employees and agents) harmless from liability and/or legal fees incurred as a result of damage to equipment and studio facilities or injuries sustained by users while in the studio facility and using access equipment. No equipment or studio facilities will be used without such agreement. Users of studio equipment may be required to pay the deductible for any equipment covered under the insurance policy and damaged or lost while under the use of said user. If the equipment is damaged and not covered by the insurance, the user may be responsible to reimburse CCMC for the full replacement value of the damaged or lost equipment.




All users of CCMC equipment and studio facilities are responsible for the content of the programmes they produce. Each MYCYradio broadcaster agrees to hold CCMC harmless from any claims, attorney’s fees and other costs relating to MYCYradio broadcaster’s created content, including, but not limited to slander, libel, defamation, obscenity, copyright, patent or trademark infringement claims.



In case a grievance occurs, the broadcaster is invited to talk to the Station Manager as a first step. Most grievances can be resolved with the use of this method. If the broadcaster is not satisfied with the result, a special form is available that can be filled and submitted to the MYCYradio Committee where it will be discussed thoroughly and with great respect. The broadcaster may be asked to join the Committee in person to give their side of the story. Once a decision is reached, hopefully it will resolve any negative feelings. If the broadcaster is still unhappy at this stage, then the issue can be brought before the full CCMC Governing Board, whose decision will be final. At any stage in the process, the MYCYradio Programme Committee may be invited to offer its opinion.



In the case that MYCYradio receives a complaint from a member of the general public with regards to content broadcast on, an extraordinary meeting of the MYCYradio Management Committee is convened to examine the issue in depth. If the complaint relates to a specific broadcaster(s), they are invited to attend the meeting. If the Management Committee decides that the broadcaster(s) are in breach of the MYCYradio’s Guiding Principles, then they retain the authority to stop the broadcaster(s) from broadcasting on in the future.



It is the responsibility of everyone involved with MYCYradio to take care of the equipment they use. There are some obvious points about looking after equipment. Namely:

– Do not allow food or drink near them. Liquids will obviously damage equipment and could result in an electric shock,

– Do not fiddle with the equipment and never take equipment apart. Repairs and maintenance must be left to experts;

– Report any malfunctions immediately;

– Refrain from smoking in the studio; and

– Refrain from substance abuse in the studio.



MYCYradio recognises that its operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment. Our approach is to bring about positive change in society, communities, groups and individuals, and this should include positive change with regards to the impact we have on the environment. As a consequence, MYCYradio is committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance. MYCYradio:

– Uses nature (natural) resources prudently and minimise the generation of wastes,

– Contributes to the protection and improvement of the built, historic and natural environment,

– Increase community awareness and understanding of environmental issues, and encourages the development of skills for environmentally responsible behaviour and action,

– Monitors, evaluates and constantly seeks ways of improving its environmental performance.

Wherever possible the organisation will consider the environmental impacts of the products it uses or purchases.



MYCYRadio endeavours to conserve resources through efficient use and careful planning. This includes a reduction in energy and water usage. All lights and equipment is turned off when not in use. When the main facility is not in use, all heaters/air conditioners and  computers will be turned off.



A primary element of the organisation’s environmental strategy is sustainable waste management, and as such we recognise our responsibilities to recycle materials wherever possible. MCYCradio minimises waste and disposal of all waste through safe and responsible methods. Non-reusable waste items are taken to outside trash bins. Recycling units are available outside the facility for cardboard, plastic and aluminium.



It is the policy of the MYCYRadio not to permit smoking in any part of its premises. This complies with local laws and regulations, and ensures the health and safety of its staff. Anyone wishing to smoke may do so only outside the CCMC premises. Appropriate and safe disposal of cigarette stubs is encouraged.



All forms of violence are abhorred and strictly prohibited. Any individual affiliated with MYCYradio engaged in any form of violence will be removed from the CCMC premises with immediate effect.


To download the MYCYradio Foundation Charter, please click here.